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IRB 1300


The IRB 1300 is available in three main versions – 11 kg/0.9 m, 10 kg/1.15m and 7 kg/1.4 m. The 11kg payload for the 0.9 m reach variant is higher than any other competing robot in its class.

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High lifting capacity  

The IRB 1300 six-axis industrial robot has the reach and lifting capacity to serve high load applications in electronics, general industry, food & beverage, logistics and tier 1 automotive production. Available in three main load/reach versions – 11 kg/0.9 m, 10 kg/1.15 m, and 7 kg/1.4 m – the 11 kg variant offers the highest payload of any robot in its class.

More production in a smaller space

Meeting the need to maximize production capacity while saving on space, the ABB IRB 1300 is nearly 60 percent lighter and one-sixth the footprint of ABB’s IRB 1600 robot. Occupying just 220 mm by 220 mm of floor space, the IRB 1300 enables more robots to be deployed in a given area.

Faster cycle times speed up production   

Rapid production is ensured by the IRB 1300’s 27 percent improvement in cycle times. Combined with greater payload and reach, the IRB 1300 can

be used for a wide range of tasks in materials handling, machine tending, polishing, and assembly and testing applications.

Advanced motion control

Complex applications such as polishing and machine tending are made possible by ABB’s OmniCore controller, giving the IRB 1300 advanced motion control and best-in-class path accuracy.


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