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Robotics Applications

The application of automation, artificial intelligence, bringing robots to replace human labor in production and business is an inevitable trend to create high labor productivity.

  • Reduce costs, improve labor quality
Effectively solve labor-related issues such as wages, recruitment costs, training costs, other binding costs, risks of occupational accidents ….
  • Ensuring product uniformity
The machine always operates correctly, repeats continuously, without the phenomenon of being distracted, bored, tired … such as using human labor.
  • The ultimate solution to increase productivity
The robot’s ability to work is persistent, they don’t need to rest. All operations of the robot are carried out continuously, without interruption.
  • Increased flexibility in production
Setting up by the control of computers or electronic circuits makes it very easy to change processes, change product types and optimize company operations.
  • Optimal saving of raw materials and loss
The production stages by robots are always guaranteed with accuracy and standards, minimizing defects and damage, so materials are wasted, spilled and wasted.
  • Increase competitiveness for businesses
Meet the progress and quality of products according to the requirements of customers.
Production operation minimizes errors, improves brand reputation and competitiveness.

VIET DYNAMIC is one of the leading companies in the field of Robotics and automation, trusted by many businesses. VIET DYNAMIC‘s robot application solutions include:

  • Robotics welding and cutting
  • Robotics painting
  • Robotics Machine Tending
  • Press Automation
  • Material removal
  • Packaging and picking
  • Palletizing and handling


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