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Powder coating helps to increase durability, color fastness and efficiency
  • The finishing process is fluid free, eliminating clutter and inaccuracies of the traditional painting process.
  • Maximize turn around time without compromising quality results.
A variety of prefabricated tank sites are facilitated by a hoisting system where parts to be treated are immersed in these tanks.
Electrical chamber design is based on multi-color or single-color application, color change / clean time, recovery efficiency and ease of maintenance and use.
It consists of an insulated tunnel surrounded by a load-bearing hot-air circuit to cure, bake, and harden the coating before being unloaded from the production line.
Automatic painting solution by robot with technology application
  • Improved safety in hazardous painting working environments
  • Consistent paint application, reducing material waste
  • Product speed and productivity are higher
  • Increase the uptime of the system
Powder Booth
Painting Robot
Wagner gun
Baking Oven
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