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The solution VIET DYNAMIC offers “Machine Vision” is the technology and method used to provide automated image-based inspection and analysis for applications.

It can be simply understood that machine vision is the eye of the machine, using the harmony of both hardware and software, providing solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

The overall machine vision process consists of: Plan details of requirements and projects, and then create a solution. During runtime, the process starts with the image, followed by automatic analysis of the image and extracting the necessary information.

  • The Machine Vision System will operate tirelessly with its speed, accuracy and repeatability when doing a 100% online test.
  • Consistent product appearance and quality create customer satisfaction, and furthermore, future market share.


  • Producers have greater flexibility when robots, machine vision systems, input materials, and other aspects of the production line can communicate directly with each other.



  • The data production system communications network scans inputs from the market and uses this information to refine production parameters.



  • Employees can track trends, analyze data and intervene from anywhere via cloud and mobile devices.
  • Connecting employees with time-sensitive and critical information such as decommissioning notices, details of out-of-flow production irregularities, maintenance needs and other critical issues requiring on-site intervention .

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